ChatGpt Sora

ChatGpt Sora, powered by OpenAI's Sora model, is a groundbreaking open-source project that revolutionizes video creation. It enables users to craft videos directly from text, leveraging Sora's advanced AI to produce realistic scenes and animations. With ChatGpt Sora, creating high-quality videos is as simple as typing instructions, embodying the pinnacle of text-to-video technology and offering seamless deployment. Ideal for creators seeking innovation through OpenAI's cutting-edge Sora capabilities.

ChatGpt Sora - ChatGpt Sora simplifies video creation using OpenAI's Sora | Product Hunt

Example video generated by Sora

Prompt: Historical footage of California during the gold rush.

Prompt: Borneo wildlife on the Kinabatangan River

What is Sora

OpenAI's Sora model is an advanced AI designed to convert text into video.

It generates realistic and imaginative scenes based on text descriptions, creating multiple characters and accurately simulating specific motions and scene details.

Impressive in language understanding and video production, Sora offers creative professionals a new tool for innovation.

For more detailed information, visit OpenAI's official website

What is ChatGpt Sora

ChatGpt Sora revolutionizes video production by leveraging OpenAI's Sora model, transforming text into videos through an intuitive open-source platform.

This innovative web service streamlines video creation, offering straightforward deployment and operation.

Designed for accessibility, ChatGpt Sora empowers both professionals and hobbyists in video production and AI fields to craft videos with just text input.

Discover more about this transformative tool at the ChatGpt Sora website or explore its development on GitHub at

How to use Sora

OpenAI's Sora model is currently not available for public access.

To see Sora in action, post a video prompt (text description) in the comments on Sam Altman's Twitter account.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, might select your prompt to create a video using the Sora model and share it publicly.

This provides a unique opportunity to experience Sora's capabilities before it becomes widely accessible.

Stay updated and learn more by following Sam Altman on Twitter.

What is FakeSoraAPI

FakeSoraAPI is an API that simulates the behavior of the Sora model. It allows users to submit text prompts and receive a simulated video response instead of the actual Sora model.

The purpose of this API is to provide developers with a testing platform where they can validate and debug their applications before the official release of the Sora model.

By using the FakeSoraAPI, developers can simulate the behavior of the Sora model to better understand its workings and make necessary adjustments and improvements.

How FakeSoraAPI works

The working principle of FakeSoraAPI is quite simple. First, users send text prompts via the API to FakeSoraAPI, describing the video content they want to generate. These text prompts can include scene descriptions, character actions, or dialogue.

FakeSoraAPI utilizes the pretrained Sora model to generate the corresponding video based on these text prompts. The Sora model understands the user's intent from the text prompts and translates it into video content.

FakeSoraAPI returns the generated video to the user for viewing and use

How to use ChatGpt Sora

To use ChatGpt Sora, simply visit the website and follow the provided instructions.

You'll typically find a user-friendly interface where you can input a text description of the video you want to create.

After submitting your description, ChatGpt Sorawill use OpenAI's Sora model to generate the video for you.

Once the video is ready, you can view it directly on the website and download it for your use or sharing.